Design for Reality: VR

Humans are visual creatures – which might be why two thirds of our brain are involved in processing visual information. The development from cave drawings all the way to mixed reality reflects this – we were communicating visually long before speech and language developed. Technology that supports this behaviour is shaping our future and design and manufacturing are at the forefront, adopting technology such as Virtual Reality in our day-to-day processes. VR vs. AR vs.…

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Events Technology

AWISA 2018: The Roundup

Held from the 4th of July to the 7th of July against the backdrop of Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour at the International Conference Centre, AWISA 2018 brought together the best in the business to share the latest breakthroughs in technology, machinery and software with the leaders in Australian manufacturing and woodworking. The IdacsPLUS team worked around our expertly designed kitchen, inviting everyone to relax in the heart of our home as we demonstrated the benefits of…

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LIGNA 2017 will go down as a milestone in the digitalisation of the wood industry

“LIGNA 2017 will go down as a milestone in the digitalisation of the wood industry.” Dr Andreas Gruchow, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member in charge of LIGNA. Ligna 2017 delivered a fresh new layout and modernised stand designs to reflect the new perspectives and impact that digitalisation is having on the industry. Almost half of the 93,000 visitors travelled from abroad to keep up with the latest trends, signifying the importance of these digital…

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