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AWISA 2018: The Roundup

Held from the 4th of July to the 7th of July against the backdrop of Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour at the International Conference Centre, AWISA 2018 brought together the best in the business to share the latest breakthroughs in technology, machinery and software with the leaders in Australian manufacturing and woodworking. The IdacsPLUS team worked around our expertly designed kitchen, inviting everyone to relax in the heart of our home as we demonstrated the benefits of…

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Benefits of BlueCell

Nesting optimises the use of raw materials, reduces waste, supports production and saves human resources, money and time. Eurosoft’s BlueCell Nesting software is the reliable solution that works with panel saws, beam saws and routers to enhance your production processes to deliver the ultimate time and money saving results. BlueCell is the product of the collaboration between industry veterans, university researchers and professional software developers who worked together for over a decade to develop advanced…

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